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Building with Pride, Built with Character.

CBT Construction & Development is well-known among construction professionals in Florida for providing quality workmanship and superior customer service. We promise to stay in constant communication with you from consultation to construction to handing over the keys to you and your family or team.

Our project delivery process is timely and we will help deliver you the best results. The team has a wealth of experience providing expert building services for your renovation project or new build.

We are a trusted partner with a long history of success by always remaining committed to three essential components of construction and development:

  1.  Attention to safety measures,
  2.  Commitment to cost-saving and sustainable solutions, and
  3.  Strong partnerships with all parties – our customers, our vendors, and our team.

Extensive Construction Services

In our 10 years of operation, we have built over xxx,xxx square feet in the Florida Keys, South Florida, and Palm Beach area.

We have led projects as small as a gazebo in a backyard to as big as the 16 Townhome Units on Windley Key and the 2,000 square feet Habitat Restore commercial building for Habitat for Humanity of the Upper Keys.

Our growth has been made possible because we work together with our customers to construct and develop properties.

We share the vision of our customers, scrutinize every detail of the construction and development process, and deliver the very best results.

Trust is the foundation of our shared success with our customers.

We believe that as a construction and development company, it is our responsibility and honor to care for our community. We are devoted to our customers and community partners to build a community that serves all who live and work there.

Custom Homes

Beginning a new journey of building a brand-new home customized to your tastes is an amazing opportunity. CBT understands that, and we want to partner with you to create your dream home in the South Florida region.

We will treat the construction project as if it is our own dream, because it is.

We care about each and every custom home like we are going to live in it. We envision with you where you will go to relax, how you will cook, what your entertainment space will be like, how you will work, and where your kids will play. We will listen to your every question and use our years of professional expertise to answer and ease your concerns. We are committed to helping your dream home become a reality! 

Your dream home can only become a reality with you as the lead foreman. At CBT, we want you to bring your ideas to the table and for you to share your dreams.

We promise we will listen to your questions and concerns all along the way. We have many trusted partners in the construction trades, but our most crucial partnership for your custom-built home is you and your family.

From the time that we first meet during consultation to the achievement of building your brand-new custom home together, we will be devoted to your needs – plans, budget, and schedule. Your new home will be picture-perfect because you will be a part of the project every step of the way.

Custom Home Plan Catered to You

With more than a few decades of combined construction experience, our team has built many beautiful designer homes. But each and every home was unique, just like yours will be.

Most of our new business is generated from referrals, and our clients often share that they were most impressed with our willingness to share our expertise, our complete support throughout the entire project, and our quality craftsmanship. 

Contact us today to experience quality workmanship on each project.

Major & Minor Renovations

Your visions articulated – your space remodeled and renovated.

Let’s be honest. Expectations of renovations versus reality can sometimes be unreal, especially when it comes to remodels. Just watch any home improvement show, and you will see renovations become nightmares! But with CBT, renovations, whether small or substantial, will become a dream. We promise there will not be any unexpected plan changes, inflated costs, low-quality workmanship, and certainly not any incomplete renovations. 

CBT is the team that will help you rescue your home and bring it back to life.  We are driven by your vision, pride ourselves on earning and keeping your trust, and measure our success by seeing you happy in your home again.

Home Remodeling Contractors in the Florida Keys

Renovations and remodeling are one of our specialties because we care about enhancing our community. Giving your home the facelift it deserves doesn’t have to become overwhelming.

Our home improvement projects can cover simple room redesigns including kitchens and bathrooms, or larger scale home remodels.

Deciding to partner with CBT means that the renovation will be exciting and even fun. Your bathroom or kitchen remodels can make you fall in love with your house again. Or your full remodel can make your home that has seen better days become the best house on the block with CBT. We truly care about giving your home the makeover you’ve been dreaming about for days, weeks, months, years, and maybe even decades. We will personalize a plan that will be affordable, stylish, and sustainable to suit you and your family’s needs.

Additions & Expansions

Location, location, location. In real estate, where homes are located is key, especially in the Florida Keys and the surrounding area! How close is your house to the water? To shopping and entertainment? To area schools and parks? And what about your place of work?

Once you find the perfect location and settle into your neighborhood, sometimes it’s just plain impossible to envision living anywhere else in the area. You love your location, but your house needs more room as your family grows or your lifestyle changes. CBT wants to help your home keep its dream home status by developing your existing home.

Your new addition built by CBT will become you and your family’s new favorite spot in the house that has become your home. 

Helping You With Permits for all Additions

We will work with you to plan, permit, and build the additions that will help you and your family live the best lives possible within your existing home. We are equipped with the necessary experience to construct your single and multi-story additions. We are ready to hear you concerns with your current layout, talk through possible solutions that additions would offer, and come up with a plan that will be affordable and sustainable for you and your family to continue loving your home for a long time.


Demolition sounds very scary because essentially it means destroying a previously built structure. But it doesn’t have to be scary because demolishing a structure so that the location can be used for a new purpose. And with CBT, the demolition of buildings is a relatively simple process because we are meticulous about making sure every part of the process is planned out and every precaution is taken.

Business or Residential Demolition

We will walk you through every step of your commercial or residential structure’s demolition process and at the end, the building that once was there will be gone and so will your worries.

Construction Management

Our construction management team has the experience and education to get the job done right every time. Our construction management team at CBT are true leaders in their field who pride themselves on making lasting professional relationships with their team, their clients, and their trades partners. They communicate in a clear, open, and honest way that will put you at ease knowing that you and your family or team are in capable hands.


Retail Space

Renovation, remodels, and new construction for retail spaces can make or break the bottom-line of your small, medium, or big business. At CBT, we understand that time is money, and that for every day that your retail space is not open, your business likely is not making its quotas.

Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Parking Lots, and More

We want to work with you and your team to design then construct a more functional sales space for you and your team to serve your customers within. We are here to listen to your concerns about how your current sales space is limiting your potential, discuss how a renovation or new build would expand your abilities to serve your customers, and help you build a better sales space for a stronger future for your business.

Business Offices

Business offices come in all different shapes, sizes, and overall building types. There are so many different industries that need different types of layouts to suit the needs of their teams and their customers. Dentists, doctors, chiropractors, etc. need waiting rooms, office space, and exam rooms to serve their patients. Real estate and law firms need receiving areas to greet their clients as well as meeting rooms to host board meetings and office space for their team members.  At CBT, we know that your office space needs to suit the needs of your specific business. We are here to support you in building a better office that inspires everyone to do their best work.

Custom Docks & Decks

At CBT, we know that docks built in Florida need to be able to withstand the gale force winds that hurricane season brings relentlessly every year. The superstorms bring strong winds that can snap wood without proper planning and construction.

Residential Dock Systems

We strive to make the most durable docks for our customers that also have a classic finished look that will survive the annual storm season and also styles that come and go.

Boat Lifts

Your boat is your pride and joy, and in some cases even how you earn your paycheck. Whether you have spent all of your savings and are spending your retirement in your boat or you spend every weekend and holiday hoisting up the sails and sailing or revving up the engine and cruising, we are here to help you build a boat lift that you and your boat can depend on.


Everyone knows that pools can sell houses, but what if your beloved home didn’t come with a pool when you bought it? That’s no big deal, because we can help you build the pool you’ve been dreaming about lounging beside or diving into!

From envisioning your pool, to pre-construction planning, to material sourcing, to placing the water hook up and filtration system, we will be there through every step to ensure that your pool is not only functional but relaxing for those hot Florida summer days, and of course, fun for you, your family, and all of your friends!

Pool Construction Services

Our team at CBT knows that a well-constructed pool can help you fall in love with your house all over again. And you can trust us to get the job done right, and on time and on budget. 

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Project Gallery

CBT Construction Development offers residential remodeling, renovations, additions and builds new custom homes throughout the Florida Keys, South Florida and the Palm Beaches.. Below are just a few of our latest projects.

Commercial construction in Key Largo.


Plantation Key Colony new construction home by CBT Construction.


Tavernier home renovation with pool b y CBT Construction


Ocean Reef home construction.

South Harbor in Ocean Reef

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